History of York St Mary's Church

History of York St Mary’s

York St Mary’s is a beautiful medieval church which opened as a contemporary art venue in 2004.

From 2013 – 2015, York St Mary’s opened for a longer season with even more exhibitions during the closure of York Art Gallery for a major re-development project.

The church itself could date back as far as 1020 and a dedication stone inside bears an inscription saying it was built by ‘Efrard & Grim & Aese’. The remains of the original Saxon church are limited to stonework in the body of the church close to the chancel.

The bulk of the building dates to the early 13th century, with 14th and 15th century modifications and alterations. Records of burials in the church suggest it was a fashionable church towards the end of the medieval period. It has the tallest steeple in York at 47 metres high.

York St Mary’s was deconsecrated in 1958 and between 1975 and 2001 was a heritage centre.